Anything else?

All I can say is this semester has been a journey. I’ve only been to about 3 weeks of school these past couple of months and it’s honestly shocking. I’ll probably never be in another one of your classes or even talk to any of you again cause that’s just how life works but just know how forever grateful I am that I was able to spend this last semester w you guys known as “tatereater247”. I’ll never forget the things I’ve gotten to share with you guys. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your high school experience. – love tatereater247

My heart

Although I’m a 6’5 giant and I love manly things like football and the outdoors I still have a soft spot in my heart. I’m pretty easy going but I will always speak up for what is right. one thing my mom has always told/taught me is “it’s better to look bad doing the right thing then it is to look good doing the wrong thing”. I have this weird curse that my family likes to call it or my friends call the “tucker curse”. It’s basically where we can’t quit on someone because we have so much loyalty for them. No matter what you do to me I am never gonna stop believing in you. It’s probably my biggest weakness yet one of my greatest strengths. I’m an emotional 18yr old boy and I’ll be the first to admit, but I’ll never lose sight of what is right and that to me is my heart.


This is me, I’m a 6’5 lurpy white kid from highland Utah. Most people when they meet me are either afraid of me or just think I’m your typical jock douche. But in reality I’m a soft hearted, loyal, kind kid. it’s been a pleasure getting to know the side of everyone that they’ve been hiding. Thank you for letting me share this last semester with y’all. – luke tucker


This weekend I met one of my biggest fears of playing my last high school football game ever. Although the game didn’t go our way I will never forget the memories and teammates I met in my 12 years of playing football. I will never forget watching the time expire only to realize we came up 1 game short of something that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little kid. As I hugged my dad I’ll never forget the short and simple words he said in my ear as I sobbed in disbelief that we had just been blown out by almost 40 points in my senior state championship game. “You gave it your all” sitting back I couldn’t have been better prepared for this game/season. All the extra workouts, routes, film, footwork everything going into this i was prepared but we didn’t show up to play. They weren’t kidding when they said time flies. Hopefully this isn’t the end of my football career and I’ll get the chance to play at the next level. But it feels like yesterday I was eating oranges during halftime of my 11am Saturday morning games in 3rd grade. I’ll miss you forever football.

Whatever I want

I am homesick for someone who doesn’t even remember me. As time clicks on everyday, every hour, every second I am constantly reminded of the way you used to hold me. The way your warm soft hands would play w my hair or wipe my tears. The way you used to squeeze me when you’d hug me. The way your hands showed me you loved me. But now I’m left with only the memories of your love just wishing I could hold your hand.

Blue ticket sadness

I fell in love with the process of falling in love with you. Everyday, every second, spent with you not knowing when the last would be with you. you found the key that unlocked my heart but you only took a look. I guess it wasn’t enough for you but nothing ever was. Oh the disaster it made had left me on my knees just praying you would stay.